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Special requests

No request is too great and no detail too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins.

We will be in touch in advance of your arrival so we can guide you regarding, what to pack, find out about your diet requirements, organise transfers and anything else you may need.


Most of visitors don't need to apply for a visa if their stay is shorter than 3 months. To check visa requirements regarding your country please check the LINK.

To avoid queues and complication at the border Treemind takes care of all visas for Mozambique. If you would like us to do the same for South Africa please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.


Remember to organise your travel insurance before leaving your home country. Nothing like having a great adventure with even greater peace of mind.




South Africa

Finding itself at South Africa’s northernmost area and bisected by the tropic of Capricorn, visitors to Limpopo can expect sunshine, long summer afternoons and dry days for most of their stay.

Limpopo offers an extremely pleasant climate for most of the year. With almost all year-round sunshine, it can get pleasantly hot in the summer months (October to March) averaging 27ºC. In general, the weather of Limpopo will greet you with a hospitable display of sunshine and reserve.


Whatever time of the year you have chosen to visit Mozambique, you will be happy to know that Mozambique is in the tropics with sunny days and fresher evenings all year around. The dry season is very pleasant (from April to late December) It is hot to very hot in the day with pleasant warm yet fresh evenings.

The green season (from late December to March) is hotter with a higher humidity, however most day are sunny. It does not rain every day as the name of the season may suggest, some weeks can go by without any rain at all.The rains do not last for long, with rainy episodes in the form of intense but brief showers, usually occurring at night. Diving is excellent at this time of year with warm, calm waters and excellent visibility.



Usually our guests arrive at OR Tambo airport (JHB). From OR Tambo, there are daily flights to Hoedspruit or we can organise and take care you of your transfer, Treemind style.

A scenic and beautiful road experience is guaranteed. From South Africa to Mozambique, including the islands, all transfers are carried out personally by Treemind team.