Mozambique is one of the oldest countries in the world, it is a country of amazing natural beauty, rolling white beaches, rich fauna, with a relaxed and colourful atmosphere. Over the past 20 years, Mozambique has worked hard to become an increasingly popular tourist destination offering a culmination of both traditional African culture and popular Portuguese customs.

The country is truly exceptional in the diversity of both its landscape and culture offering something special for everyone and providing exceptional holidays and magical memories that really will stay with you forever.

Macaneta Island

Macaneta Island, is an ideal set for authentic Mozambican atmosphere and seafood lovers.

The Island is the host of Macaneta beach and home to scuba diving! It is the closest beach resort to Maputo and is quite uniquely surrounded by both the Indian Ocean and the Nkomati River, offering an abundance of both bird and sea life, as well as providing excellent fishing opportunities too, it is the ideal place to escape and get away to.

Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island is an important marine research centre, known in particular for its offshore coral reef and their stunning glory.

The reefs are among the most southerly in the world, and since 1976, parts of the island and surrounding waters have been designated a reserve to protect them and local marine life.

Portuguese Island

About 3km northwest of Inhaca is tiny, uninhabited Portuguese Island (Ilha dos Portugueses), a beautiful white patch of sand surrounded by clear waters. It was formerly a leper colony and is now part of the Inhaca marine reserve system.

Santa Maria Peninsula

Santa Maria effortlessly combines its scenic beauty of pristine African forest, golden sandy beaches and azure ocean to provide guests with a tropical paradise where unforgettable memories are created. Getting to the peninsula is an adventure in itself and an experience worth having. But the ultimate pleasure is in the location, with guaranteed secluded bliss.
Paradise awaits at Santa Maria Peninsula with quiet beaches and crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkelling. The area, which is also known for its pelicans and flamingos, Located just to the south of the island of Inhaca in the extreme south of the Mozambique, this gorgeous holiday destination provides an idyllic escape for those in pursuit of the ultimate beach break in an off the beaten track location.

The peninsula is also positioned for snorkeling and diving. Fishing enthusiasts will love the opportunities for deep sea fishing.

A journey of a life time

A colonial-style architecture, an endlessly fascinating cultural mix and vast tracks of bush populated with elephants, lions and birds galore. Discovering these attractions is not always easy, but it is unfailingly rewarding.

Bring along some curiosity, a bit of tolerance for journeys and a sense of adventure, and jump in for the journey of a lifetime.