South Africa

South Africa is a precious gem of a place, aptly nicknamed “the world in one country” – there is a great reason for this! Anyone who has experienced South Africa before will confirm, it is not possible to experience all of the astonishing places which are on offer in just a single trip.

With Treemind African Experiences, we will create and build you the very best adventure, with a guarantee that your precious holiday time is maximized, and that each and every moment is spent submerging yourself in all that this magnificent, mystical and remarkable country has to offer.

Our Limpopo province

The rolling mist drenched mountains are sharply contrasted by the wildly hot savannah plains, aside the historical forests, which just happens to be where we are also aptly located.
Fortunate and forever grateful for our location, we are inside the Greater Kruger Canyons which form part of Kruger National Park.
Much of the land, particularly in the park, and nature reserves, is completely unspoilt, and provides sanctuary for a large numbers of animals, some of which are part of our daily lives.

The Balule nature reserve

The Balule nature reserve is situated within a subtropical paradise, with many magnificent eco-zones, boasting over three hundred fascinating species of trees, along with more than two hundred types of charming birds who reside in the area.
You really don't need to be a wildlife lover to be able to soak up and appreciate the exceptional surroundings on offer here.

A special place

For most people, a trip to South Africa is something that has been planned for well in advance, and being one of the most loved and most frequently visited tourist destinations within the African continent, it truly is a spectacular place to come and visit. A special place where you can submerge yourself in the wonders and legacy of its culture and traditions.