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Treemind African Experience embodies the best that Africa has to offer: a timeless, rich blend of cultures that are celebrated in an expanse of stunning beauty. Alongside this, the indomitable spirit of the people, past and present have shaped our landscapes.

Treemind embraces going back to basics, which today is a real luxury.
At Treemind we always cater for our clients to the best of our ability. The comfort and enjoyment of our guests is always of the utmost importance to us, and is at the forefront of our minds when taking your reservation. Each of our experiences are tailored specifically to our client's requirements, with no detail left to chance.

Our Favourite destinations


South Africa



South Africa, situated on the southernmost tip of the vast and breath taking African continent. Visitors coming for the very first time will delight in the wonders that this magic country has to offer. Your senses will be filled with South Africa’s vast abundance of history. Where the cities of Europe have stampeded across the entire African continent and come to settle on the edge of the earth – in the cradle of humanity.

The travel of your life


Villa just for yourself

Essence is built to be a 100% exclusive and private villa, is renowned for its great cuisine, unpretentious, relaxed atmosphere, and warm but discrete hospitality.

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